Care Instructions

We want you to feel comfortable, prepared, and educated about the skin care you receive because reaching your treatment goals don't just start and stop with your visit.

Home Care

Some conditions and treatments require a little more attention. Don't worry. Our team will provide you with instructions at your visit. As a convenience, some of our care instructions are provided below. To learn more about other conditions and treatments, click here.

5-FU (Efudex)
A topical targeting fast growing cells

Find helpful information on the application of the cream, expectations during and shortly after treatment, and other tips to achieve optimum results.

Atopic Derm
Atopic Dermatitis
A chronic, itchy, irritating skin condition

Also commonly called "eczema", read these tips to manage your or your child's skin during flares and periods of relief.

Bx Wound Care
Biopsy Wound Care
Keeping your healthy tissue healthy

Biopsies take a sample of your skin to aid in properly diagnosising the condition, and keeping the skin around the biopsy site clean and healthy promotes the best outcomes.

Laser Post-Procedure
Laser Post-Procedure
Aftercare for laser therapy

Laser have multiple applications in dermatology, and these general post-laser skin care instructions will optimize cosmetic outcomes.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal
Reducing unwanted hair growth

Diminish pain, sensitivity, and unnecessary skin damage by following these guidelines after each laser hair removal treatment.

Promoting collagen and elastin production

While moisturing and sun protection is a dermatology norm, these two components are even more important in the immediate post-procedure period.

Supf. Chem Peel
Supf. Chemical Peel
Controlled exfoliation of the skin

Expect to experience redness, peeling, and flaking after the procedure, so applying a moisturizer and using good sun protection is key.

Pre & Post Tx Care
Pre & Post Treatment
General guidance for before and after

For treatments of vascular, rosacea, hair removal, acne, pigment, collagen, scar, and bruising skin conditions

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Skin Maintenance at Home

You carry your skin with you 24/7. So, your skin is exposed to a lifetime of stressors from the inside and out. Fortunately, "an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure'. Follow these simple and easy skin care routines that can pay dividends years down the road.

  • Wear sun protective clothing (i.e., UPF rated)
  • Apply & re-apply sunscreen (SPF 30+) when exposed to the sun
  • Use a gentile, non-abrasive cleanser for washing
  • Apply a moisturizer after bathing, showering, or shaving while the skin is still damp

For more detailed and helpful information, look at the resources on our education page!