Clearline Dermatology provides superficial radiation therapy utilizing the state-of-the-art SRT-100 Vision™. With a team-based approach to administering SRT, you can take confidence knowing that you are in great hands.

Our SRT team includes not only our board-certified dermatologists, but also our own radiation therapists and a reviewing radiation oncologist, a medical doctor specializing in the treatment of various types of cancers utilizing radiation therapy techniques.

A Non-Surgical Option to Treat Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers and Keloids

Superficial radiation therapy, also known as superficial radiotherapy or SRT, is an effective, non-surgical alternative for treating certain non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) and keloids. While Mohs Micrographic Surgery has predominantly been the treatment of choice for skin cancers in sensitive areas including the head and face, SRT now provides another tool in the Clearline Dermatology toolbox to better serve our patients.

In appropriate NMSC cases, SRT has a comparable cure rate to Mohs Micrographic Surgery without the risk commonly associated with cutting on the skin.


The SRT-100 Vision™ by Sensus Healthcare is an FDA-cleared device used in the treatment of NMSC and keloids. The SRT-100 Vision™, specifically, is equipped with ultrasound technology, the same technology used in other medical fields including obstetric and pregnancy care, providing an image-guided approach to better localize and monitor the treated cancer. SRT devices using ultrasound are also referred to as Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy, or IG-SRT.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)